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Coastal Imports was established to provide unique products from around the world to specialty retailers in the USA.  There are many unique products that can only be found in their place of origin.  Coastal Imports will provide those links at reasonable prices.

Our buyers travel to many countries seeking the best of the best in product production. Many manufacturers have completed new designs and key features to their products that we are now able to bring to the USA retailer.

Coastal Imports provides the warehousing and  an efficient distribution method to bring these products to your doorstep.  Our warehouses are located in the area of the arrival ports.  This allows us to keep our transportation costs low and affordable.  Our warehouses are run by state of the art barcoding and shipping software.  We do not store shipments in our warehouses we are a direct ship distributor.

We are in the process of creating our online catalog.  You will be provided a unique PIN number to view our catalog pricing.  If you prefer you can always email us for our latest up to date price list.